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Modernized Men 

 Hello My name is Rob and I’m an Engineer, Day Trader, and Travel Blogger. Like most men I suffered from Depression and financial difficulties which led to me gaining weight and losing confidence in myself. I was able to overcome those challenges and now I’m an entrepreneur who travels the world. My mission is to create a community of men who are motivated to get back on the right path to reaching their full potential.  Check out my travel blog below bro.

For New Investors

It’s well known that you need about $25,000 to have a realistic chance to profit in the stock market. In 2019 the CME Group introduced Micro E-mini Futures. The Micro Futures give smaller investors a chance to make $200 per day trading the S&P 500 index and the Nasdaq 100 index with only $5,000 to start.

My Travel Blog

Follow me on my journey around the world. I Most recently visited Thailand and Colombia with Mexico and Ethiopia next on the list for 2020. I show you what I’m eating, Where I’m living, and all the girls that I’m dating. Modernized Men We Worldwide Baby.